Odyssey Craft Brewery

Odyssey Is For Sale!


Hey guys and girls

After much thought and a few cold ales, we have decided to sell Odyssey Craft Brewery. We think this is a great chance for someone with a passion for Craft Beer to enter the market. We haven’t lost our passion and we still LOVE all things craft beer related. However after waiting over 3 and a half years in total to get our Liquor License, which we now proudly own, we have decided to venture into other things.

So what are we selling exactly?

The brewery in its entirety is for sale. Absolutely everything from the kegs, mash tun, and fermentors but maybe most importantly it includes our Liquor License! It is ready to be turned into a fully operational Craft Brewery, although we personally have not been brewing recently. Included is all of our intellectual property such as logos, labels and all of our recipes for beers we have brewed including our highly popular Chocolate Coffee Porter.

The Liquor License has been renewed until October 2020, we will help with next years renewal as well.

A brief rundown of what is included is below, contact us for a full equipment list.

Brew House to brew 600 L Batches of beer
4 x 900 L Food Grade CCV Polyethylene Fermentors
1 x 900 L Fermentor to be set up
Cooling system for fermentors
Cold Room roughly 6m x 3.5m.
Mobile Bar Setup for events and festivals, also used for tasting and perfect if you need another bar at your pub during an event! 4 taps to pour beer.
Everything needed to get the beer into kegs and bottles.
49 kegs (yes we lost 1 at a festival one year!)
Everything needed to brew and distribute great quality beer.

Ashton the Brewmaster will have a handing over period of 2 brews and more brews can be discussed.

This is a perfect situation if you are a bar or pub owner. Craft beer is becoming massively popular and the revenue streams that can be generated are substantial especially if you now get rid of all the middlemen involved in distribution etc.

The current monthly production volume under IDEAL conditions and depending on the brew mix of ales and pilsners/lagers and providing you can move the stock, is roughly 6 to 9 brews a month or between 3600 L and 5400 L. You could probably brew 700 L batches of beer, we can test that out! We have been brewing 450 L batches as we were slightly limited by keg numbers so 3 brews can be kegged at once currently at that size. If you currently move a lot of craft beer, trust us when we say that the profit margins are much greater brewing your own beer than buying it from a distributor. These “Direct Sales” are crucial. Please note we are not currently in production!

So what are we asking for Odyssey Craft Brewery in its entirety?

The price we are asking is R575 000 (Five hundred and seventy five thousand rand) which for a fully operational brewery including the Liquor License which will be valid until October 2020(we will help you renew the licence and transfer it to your business name down the line) with no need to spend capital on equipment while signing a lengthy rental agreement and waiting around for your liquor license which might take years to arrive like ours did, is very fair we think. The ability to brew and distribute your own beer immediately(well in a few weeks) and the potential for high earnings without having to wait around for a Liquor License is a key factor. Another advantage is our great location in Glen Anil, close to Durban North, Umhlanga, La Lucia and Morningside which means we are one of the few Craft Breweries in Durban proper, not outside of Durban in Shongweni or the Midlands etc. This makes it awesome for Brewery Tours and you can get your patrons to come and visit their Local Craft Brewery that makes the beer at their favourite Brew Pub. We have held many functions there as well, the most memorable being a Bachelors Party so it lends itself perfectly to events.

The brewery is available on a first come first serve basis. We are open to offers on the brewery.

If you are an interested buyer and would like further details, feel free to contact us on the following:

Email: ashtonbarske@gmail.com

or via our facebook page

Cheers and stay crafty

The team at Odyssey